Among knowledgeable collectors and shooters the name Sharps brings up images of history like no other rifle:  a frantic cavalry charge during the Civil War or Indian Wars, Sharps was there; on the famed buffalo range of the Western plains, Sharps was there; in the hunting fields and mountains of the East and Mid-West, Sharps was there; in the grizzly bear  habitat of the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast, Sharps was there; and at the 1,000 yard Creedmoor Range and countless other rifle matches across the country, Sharps was there!  Today, Sharps is still there.  The original Connecticut based Sharps Rifle Company may have ceased production and closed it's factory in 1880, but the rifle continues to be built in the same tradition of  rugged excellence and accuracy as the originals.                                                                            

          Now this famed rifle is manufactured in Big Timber, Montana by Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Company.   All parts are made in their own factory under the strictest of quality control. So close to the original 1870s Sharps are the Shiloh rifles that parts will usually interchange with the originals. With advancements in metallurgy and manufacturing techniques, today's Shiloh Sharps are actually finer rifles than the originals!  Pick up a current production Shiloh Sharps and one is immediately struck with not only the superb fit and finish, but the balance and beauty of this fine firearm.

          Like the original nineteenth century Sharps company, Shiloh will build  custom rifles to suit the differing needs of twenty-first century shooters.  Whether it be a target rifle for precision match shooting or a big bore hunting rifle, Shiloh will tailor each rifle to the individual customer's requirements. From plain, serviceable field rifles to the most elaborate and fancy show piece, Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing can handle the job.

          Shiloh Rifles are not inexpensive, but hand built quality made here in the United States of America is never cheap.  However, money spent for top quality is always well spent, and in the case of a Shiloh Sharps rifle, is an investment.  Shiloh Rifles have held their value (and in many cases increased in value) since their introduction in the 1970s.  Quality standards were high in the early years of Shiloh production and remain so today.  There are other Sharps pattern rifles on the market- some made in the U.S. and some imported from Italy.  An inspection of one of these rifles compared to a Shiloh is usually all that is required to convince even the most novice shooter that the Shiloh Sharps is the finest Sharps rifle that has ever been manufactured- now or in the distant past. Simply put, it is the best.

            Shiloh Rifle offers a fine selection of both cartridge model rifles (Model 1874) as well as percussion breech loaders (Model 1863).  For a look into the different models and options available one should go to the Shiloh Rifle Website at

                                                                     SHILOH SHARPS PRICING

          Shiloh is currently in a lengthy backorder situation.  I have rifles in stock for immediate delivery and rifles "on the floor" being built.  These rifles are priced at $200 over catalogue/Fed. Excise Tax plus shipping, in other words, exactly $200 over the price you would pay if you ordered your rifle directly from Shiloh (remember, you will save about $50 in shipping going through me).  Keep in mind, when you purchase an in stock rifle your cost is based on current prices.  If you order a rifle and wait because of a backorder, you may be subject to future price increases.

          I charge $200 over catalogue/Fed. Excise Tax plus shipping for custom ordered rifles.  These I can usually get for you in about six (6) months.

          Generally, on rifles being built or custom orders I request a $1,000 deposit.  I will front the balance of the money required to get the rifle bought and built- this is part of my service.  When I have the rifle in hand and am ready to ship it to you, the balance will be due in full.